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Resident, Rebecca N.

I simply love living here. I have lived here for several years and it is just wonderful. It is quiet and peaceful like being in a wooded park. The grounds are immaculate and the staff gracious and pleasant to speak with on any matter. The wooded grounds and the way each of the building units are their own little buildings apart from the others is so much better than the sterile apartment buildings you see everywhere else. It is a gem of an apartment community tucked away in Cary with not many people knowing it is here (even long time residents) and yet it is close to everything well within a short walk.

Resident, Connie Greco

I love North Carolina . This apartment complex represents almost all that I love about this part of the country. The clean spaces, inside and out. The trees and landscaping. The Carolina blue sky. The friendly people (neighbors in this community). Flowers, pool, open neat places. Tennis court. Not sure I need another thing other than to live here but I must go to my permanent home where my love is waiting. I truly relax and enjoy my stays here. Thank you management and all working folks who keep this place pristine and lovely.

Resident, Jerry Jacuzio

While I am a recent renter, my Daughter lived here previously here for many years and referred this apartment community to me. I love it. But what makes it different from other rental communities I have investigated is the management in the front office and the folks who maintain it. Top-shelf professionals. And I hope it stays this way. With over 30 years in IT and management myself - I can tell you that once you get a winning team - you do not tinker with it. The folks in the front office have managed this place for years and the reputation Crescent Arbors speaks to that. It stands heads above the rest and works like a well-oiled clock. I wouldn't change a thing.


Crescent Arbors is a wonderful, peaceful place to live. It is quiet, safe and well maintained. The management is responsive and friendly and the location is convenient for shopping. The wooded and flower filled grounds make Crescent Arbors a beautiful place to call home!